10.15.2002 (Tuesday), 10:02 PM

Seafood Nabe with Soma-san and Kazumi


We visited another one of my best friends tonight. Soma-san and his wife Kazumi laid out fantastic home-cooked feast of seafood nabe. Nabe in Japanese means "pot" and into it went dashi (fish stock) and all sorts of seafood and vegetables. We had that on top of other small and delicious dishes plus plenty of beer and one huge-ass bottle of sake. Soma-san warned me before we came that he was "buying" the sake. Somehow I ended up with the largest cup and therefore ended up drinking a large portion of the bottle along with the beer. We talked long into the night about anything and everything and then ended up getting soaked by an unexpected cloudburst on the way to the train station.

For the first time in almost ten years, I actually passed out (well...fell into a deep sleep) on the train. Les had to knock me around a bit to get me rousted out of the train. It's a good thing that he started to recognize the stations by then or we would have been stuck in the hinterlands without a bed to sleep in...

Friends like Soma-san are rare and he and his wife made this trip one of the best ones yet so far.

Posted by wjc