10.03.2002 (Thursday), 11:00 PM


Danger...former fat man running straight at you...

It surprising how much the human body will put up with. Today, I had a headache pretty much all day. It was one of those ones that never seem to go away, are not too bad and just plain annoying.

Granted, since losing nearly thirty (!) pounds and have thinned the sugar in my blood a great deal, I rarely get headaches. Heh, and I thought those headaches were just my allergies...wrong, pink boy, they were a warning sign.

Anyway, I left work and on the way home decided that instead of sitting down and napping I thought I would try real hard to really blow a huge vein in my head by working out. As it turns out, it was the best decision of the day.

I was on my usual treadmill, doing my now-modified walk-jog-run, when I got the inspiration to run for 10 straight minutes. All right, stop laughing...ten minutes is a big deal for a guy with bad, baseball catcher scarred knees. After ten, it felt good. Hmmm...maybe another ten. Ahhh, that felt good too. Furtively glancing around, I saw that there were three treadmills open so heck, why not do another three minutes. Let's make it a nice round, um...er, 23. The iPod said that the Morning Musume song had about three minutes left so off I go. Perfect.

OK, song's over but I'm still not satisfied. I'm dripping sweat but still not tired. And the knees aren't even feeling their age. Two minute song? Sure...oops, a six minute song is next but fuck it. I'm headed for 11 minutes thinking that if I died right now, I'd feel pretty fucking ridiculous for pushing it.

So...it's obvious that I didn't die. I did do 31 minutes of running. I have never been able to do that. Ever. Felt so good that I had to sit on the locker room bench for a while while I made sure that I wasn't imagining it. I wasn't and had the rest of the evening to look forward to. As for the headache? What headache?

Posted by wjc