10.13.2002 (Sunday), 08:04 PM

Nothing Beats Walking

I'm so precious...

(Day #2 from my October 12-20th trip to Tokyo with my friend Les ...)

Tokyo is a walker's city. It's completely ridiculous to own a car here as you have to make sure you have a dedicated place to park it, make sure it has no dents and pay a fat fistful of yen to own and operate it. And if you think that's bad, try getting a licence for a motorcycle in all of Japan let alone Tokyo...ok, I'm going off...

We walked for the better part of the day today. Through Akihabara--the electronic gear slut's best (or worse, depending) dream--looking for boss gear, manga and anime to lust after. We tackled my old haunts of Nishi-Shinjuku only to find that one of my favorite stores (Sakuraya) had completely changed their focus (boo...) and to find that the streets there still look mostly the same albeit with slightly less people, less visible homeless people and tons of the veritable vending machine slices of heaven. And nothing beats a cold mugi-cha (barley tea) after hoofing it for miles trying to find an elusive toy store so Les can feed his toy frenzy.

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