10.29.2002 (Tuesday), 10:33 PM

Masters Of The Universe and the Lords Of Light

Psychedelic warlords disappear into smoke..

Kind of a nutty day with power outages, fire drills and heavy convincing of the staff-like humans. Actually, m-flo was on my mind most of the day.

There's a song of theirs called Been So Long that is firmly lodged in my head. The fact that I can actually sing it (and in Japanese to boot) is making me nuts (well, and bringing me nigh on endless delight)...but tonight it was:


The masters of the universe with their Space Ritual decided to make several appearances on the iPod tonight on the way home and it was all over for me cuz my electronically-smoothed grey matter is now very receptive to the thud and righteous sax waling of the heavier-than-thou groove that Hawkwind squirt out by the bucketful. I nearly put a dent into the steering wheel in the car by doing my best head-bang which, for a neck that crunches on a regular basis from similar abuse earlier, was either dangerously stupid or really fucking cool or maybe a bit of both.

I have decided to make the rest of the evening one long Hawkwind jam session by playing Space Ritual Live on repeat until I fall asleep. I should have some brain left to get up and go to work in the morning although stranger things have happened...

Posted by wjc