10.12.2002 (Saturday), 08:05 PM

Feel Right At Home

Flying, trying, dying...

(Day #1 from my October 12-20th trip to Tokyo with my friend Les ...)

OK, after ten and a half hours in a tin can cruising at 35,000 feet, Les and I arrive in Tokyo ready for...sleep. Well, almost. First it's off to forage for food and ramen is just the ticket. We end up at Kazuki Ramen in the ultra-fashionable and trendy Hiroo (Hiro-o) area.

On the way there, it dawns on me again just how comfortable I feel here. I know a modicum of the language and can actually speak whole coherent sentences, I know how to get around, I know tons and tons of places to eat (with the prevailing theory being that only an idiot would starve in Tokyo...) and almost feel like a resident. Almost.

There is also a vast change in my demeanor when I'm in Japan. I'm nicer, kinder, more tolerant (not that I'm not all of those things here but if you really know me, I can be kind of an obnoxious dickhead a small percentage of the time...) and the world revolves around all of us (not just me). It's so retardedly new age that it makes even me slightly sick...er, or maybe that the fact that I have had no sleep and Les is forcing me to drink beer at Kirin City. Whatever.

Yep, I kind of consider this my second home as there's something that touches every recess of my heart and soul when I'm here. I cannot even begin to explain why although I'm pretty sure that it's NOT that I was here in any form in a previous life--no matter what the new age'ers want to believe. And it's ain't a damn aura thing neither. There is a feeling of calm chaos that continually washes over me like a soothing bath or desert wind. Yeah, yeah...sounds like bad poetry but that's what it's like...

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