09.11.2002 (Wednesday), 10:47 PM

Mad As Hell

Sick to death and tired of waking up tired...

Exactly one year ago today, I was mad as hell. Why would people do such a thing and why would I sit transfixed, all day, watching the same video over and over again...

Exactly one year later, I'm still mad a hell but for some very different reasons. More and more, it seems like this event was looked at by this country's leadership as the grandest opportunity to push through agendas and an attempt to "secure the(ir) future" in the name of "the war on terrorism". Have we done anything? We caught some supposed members of supposed terrorist "cells" but what have we really done? Not a whole lot. Oh, maybe we sold a whole boatload of American flags. Patriotism up? Yeah, sure. Critical commentary down? Yep. The freeze is on big time.

There is very little balance in what I see today. Lots of rah-rah, fly the flag (mostly incorrectly) and proclamations from our grand and glorious Resident-Elect that, by golly, "we'll hunt them down because were the greatest country on God's green earth!" Feh. Empty rhetoric for the teeming masses yearning to be led around on a leash. There's nothing like being told what to do, how to act and what to think. It's too...fucking...easy.

As the hours and hours and hours of recaps and on-the-street interviews and analysis of how, why, who...lather, rinse, repeat...I've had enough. I have done my grieving; done my own thinking, not bought a flag, not bought the Bush bullshit agenda. What is ultimately disappointing is that our leadership who can make a difference are now tied at the hands more than ever for fear of being labelled a terrorist-sympathizer, and who's-goddamn-side-are-you-on-anyway-you're-either-with-us-or-against-us rules the day. No one wants to blow that all important upcoming election because at the end of the day, it's not about doing what is right for the country, it's about perception and no one wants to be the next one to be accused of cozying up to bin Laden.

The people in charge got exactly what they wanted and they didn't even have to strike down Roe V. Wade (although that's probably next in the war on terrorism), round up PWAs for internment camps (that too), worry about bringing back nukes (well, what if Saddam deploys one?, we'll need a bigger response to keep our collective dick harder and longer than everyone else), worry about environmental wackos (we're fucking up the planet real nicely now in the name of the war on terrorism) or any of the myriad of other crimes the leadership of the country wanted to perpetrate but couldn't because up until 9/11/02, the Resident-Elect was a charismatic black hole and fist puppet on the end of a Dick's hand. You know who is really running the country when Dick goes into hiding at the drop of a hat and the Resident's head (and hat) is put on public display. Pathetic.

So what you say? Just another left-wing nut like the rest? I guess so but my bullshit detector has been on stun since the Publicity Department turned the Resdient's pulpit into a propaganda machine. I do love a parade...

A quick aside...one of the most stirring pieces of writing that came out of this whole mess is Suheir Hammad's First Writing Since which summed up a whole bunch of feelings for me about the loss of life from that day. I heard her speak recently and was mesmerized. I was moved to the point where this piece brought tears to my eyes--it is that damn beautiful.

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