08.27.2002 (Tuesday), 07:56 PM

Time To Spill Some Beans

Comparing apple to oranges...I'd take apples any day...

All right. Here's what has been up for the past several weeks. I started a new job. It's really an old job, company-wise. In fact, it's the third time around for me at this particular company. I have been up to my ears in stuff to do (good), not bored (really good), and focused (excellent). I have a great manager and a very interesting (good) team. There are plenty of challenges and I'm having more fun than I've had in a six-year run with start-up companies.

Why should you know this? Well, why not? There is definitely something to be said for stability even in an industry where that commodity has become rare. I've got a good project, good direction, good chair. About all I had at the other place (MOXI/digeo) was a good chair and my ass was getting bored and complacent. Worrying about what lame shit my management chain would spring upon me was the constant fire-fight of the day. Jesus, at least now I know where the fire is as opposed to searching, finding then saying "oh shit, this CAN'T be happening!" and still getting burnt through fire-retardant clothes because someone driving the ship didn't do their job. Or stock the proper fire extinguishers. Lousy fucks.

Posted by wjc