08.25.2002 (Sunday), 08:55 PM


The seether's Louise...

There can only be so many things that go fucked up for so long. One is the fact that when I get busy, all things stop (including this) and that bums me out a great deal. I get mad, then shrug and get on with life. It's a far cry from how it was 6-7 years ago.

I went all out at Amoeba today. I only get there a few times a year even though I only live about an hour away. Believe me, it's way better that way. I can only afford to spend like this occasionally. I did find some gems to ease the pain though: a copy of Procol Harum's Grand Hotel; a copy of Arti E Mestieri's Tilt album; a Camel live "authorised" bootleg. It was good day except that the clerk almost put my eye out with the Arti E Mestieri CD when it came flying out of his hands while unharnessing it from it's shop-lift protection sleeve. But I digress.

The purchase of wacky shoes (creepers, 2 pairs: black patent and leopard print covered...see, wacky...) was next and the day devolved into a tourist-scoping festa and long quantities of walking into thrift stores looking for a Union 76 gas station attendant's shirt with the name "Dude" or "Mac" on it. Fun.

Posted by wjc