08.24.2002 (Saturday), 09:52 PM

Noel and Liam

I knew a girl name Elsa, she was into alka-seltzer...

I am positive that I mentioned this before but one Saturday, about 3 years ago, I was shopping in Tokyo. I was doing my usual run of records and book stores, trying hard to spend way too much (easy to do in Tokyo). I was in this really great (but now gone) record store called WAVE. There is still a WAVE branch in another part of Tokyo but the one in Roppongi will always hold a dear and financially draining place in my heart. It is really only second to Tower Records in Shinjuku (also close to going out of business) for sheer yen spent but WAVE had the charm and coolness factor.

I was on the first floor (of five) perusing the new releases via headphone (genius, if you ask me...) as well as WAVE's more-than-decent selection of multimedia and experimental music discs. I was going through the "damn-it's-my-last-day-in-Tokyo-I'm-pretty-bummed-about-that-let's-make-this last-as-long-as-possible" moods and was up for looking at everything. On each floor. For a solid two hours. As usual, I made the first floor my last stop since it was the coolest way to end a visit to WAVE. At some point, the clerk changed CDs and out comes blaring an Oasis song. It was actually an outtake ("Acquiesce" from a CD of outtakes, b-sides and live stuff) and happened to be a minor/moderate hit on U.S. modern rock radio. I hadn't paid much attention to it until this afternoon.

Why it caught my ear was odd as, quite frankly, I thought the band were a bunch of wankers what with Noel and Liam Gallagher's constant drug-fueled bickering and public temper tantrums going full bore and I do mean BORE. But today, the song was most majestic.

There was just this build and crescendo that I hadn't noticed before and lifted me out of my semi-self-induced funk. It was at that point that I walked over and added the CD (Japanese version, about $25) to my cart. Yeah, I could have bought it back home for about half the price but it was what I needed at that very moment. When I returned to the hotel, I plonked that disc into the laptop and played it on endless repeat at top volume (well, as far as the cheap PC speakers would go) and proceeded to dance about the room. It was truly a moment of semi-inspired (or insipid, depending...) lunacy. Noel and Liam came through just in the nick of time...don't get me wrong, they're still wankers but they were standing still long enough to get me to the plane in good cheer the next day.

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