07.24.2002 (Wednesday), 09:02 PM

So Very Over

Farewell to the clueless bastards in the old boy network...

There had been a long radio silence because the wait had been longer then expected. Turning his car stiffly into the driveway, Wash contemplated the move he just made. Sure he felt bad about the rest of the group but they all had their separate lives and needed to go their own way. Wash figured that out years ago but had rarely put the wisdom to the fire. It was somehow different this time and he wondered if a return to the old and somewhat tried and true was really what was needed.

As he sat in the relative silence of his car, now hot from the summer sun and the now motionless air conditioner, Wash thought of all of the events in the past eight months. The lies, the rumours, the anxiety, the smiling faces promising a world of riches, the scared executives running this way and that not knowing what they really needed to do but applying bandages to everything but the real wound. Wash figured that the past eight months would be full of life lessons but perhaps for the wrong people. He felt hardened and sad for those whose lives were forever changed including his own. He now had an incurable disease--something related to the stress the doctors told him--and no forseeable cure. Some said that he had found the cure in his own backyard but he knew better. There was no cure here--just a lesser evil just a bit closer to home.

As he sat, Wash thought about that long bridge leading into New York City. It was more important now more than ever that the bridge be only that and nothing more. For Wash, the bridge had to be pure and unforgiving and true. There could be no tall tales, no wild fantasies of dreams coming to fruition, no promises of a land of milk and honey, no introductions to all the right people and definitely no expectations. The promised land was out there but he would not get there by using the bridge. But since that was all he had, Wash was secure in the knowledge that the next time he crossed the bridge that he would be much less forgiving. He took some uneasy comfort in that and decided it was time to get inside to start his life again.

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