06.23.2002 (Sunday), 11:25 PM

Resetting Some Expectations

I can't stand my baby, I can't take the noise, I want to be a baby, I want to touch toys.

Now that the excitement is nearly over, Howard and I went to see The Rezillos last night. For us, The Rezillos was one of those bands on the top of the "must see if they ever come around" list. They were formed around 1976 and were inbetween the first and second waves of English punk bands after The Clash, Sex Pistols, and The Jam. They had some hits in England but only college radio stations played them here in the US. They had super-catchy, silly, fast, rocking songs pulled off with the air of whacked-out space explorers with a go-go beat. Then, like many of their brethren, they broke up. There were splinter bands from the split, one of which was The Revillos who carried on the party. They too, went to the weeds after a while...

My expectations were very high and hoped that they would be in their original lineup. Alas, the 23 years that had elapsed had not been overly kind to them. The lead singers, Eugene Reynolds (aka Alan Forbes), Fay Fife (aka Sheila Hynde), still looked cool but had definitely lost a few steps. And the rest of the band just needed lots and lots of practice. In a way, it might as well have been The Drifters or Bo Diddley's backing band. At times, it sounded like they just learned the songs a few days ago.

Still, it was neat to see them gyrating to their own, albeit slower, beat. They are supposed to come back around later on (so said Eugene). I only hope that they get plenty to time to play so they can sound like they did years ago.

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