06.15.2002 (Saturday), 11:21 PM

I Got Up...Then I Made Coffee

"ok, I made butter from my wife's breast milk...she's going to kill me for telling you that..." --Alton Brown

OK, we didn't just get up and make coffee today...we ran all over the place and ended up seeing Alton Brown (host of Good Eats on the Food Network) at a local bookstore. Mr. Brown has a new book, which is also his first, and he was here doing a signing and about an hour's worth of chatting and answering questions from a pretty huge crowd. We waited in line for nearly two hours to meet the man and chat for a second or two. What a cool guy...he looks and sounds just like he does on television and he's not short. Television has a tendency to make people look bigger than they actually are. If you want to prove this rather unfair theory, just look at Prince. But I digress...

After meeting our TV hero, Jan and I sped over to Tom's house to have dinner with Tom and Carol. Lobster was the attraction of the evening and I finally got to dispatch a lobster in the way I've always seen it done--a cook's knife through the top of the head. Yeah, yeah...save me the spare-the-animals lectures for some other time. I wouldn't call it a super-fun thing to do but way more of a learning experience. The crustaceans were then grilled over rocket-hot charcoal (like there's any other kind to do grilling with...) and then busted up into barbaric-like pieces to be dipped in big bowls of butter. It was a feast--which is what usually happens when the four of us get together for dinner. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the end of a really interesting week.

OK, for those of you wondering why the hell I'm now eating like this after the medical news I received earlier this week, I offer no defense except that diets, I think, are more of an exercise in moderation than deprivation. I ate some lobster, had some bread, some asparagus, some butter. When I was sated but not loaded to the brim, I stopped. End of story.

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