06.16.2002 (Sunday), 09:23 PM

Drink Aikido...It's Good For You


As part of my new regimen of getting back to into shape and in anticipation of the good Doctor Nemirov telling me to do so or risk the specter of the daily insulin fix, I finally got back on the mat and did two hours of aikido this afternoon.

Everything was somewhat frighteningly familiar about how I was moving, rolling, falling and plodding around the mat. Damn, it IS just like riding a bike. So I reckon that my body did actually retain something other than fat over the past couple of years of training in aikido. Not that the techniques were effortless or anything but they were a hell of a lot smoother then I thought they would be. It could be that I went into this class thinking that I have nothing to lose and was pretty relaxed. I spent loads of time "not thinking" about doing aikido but just "doing" aikido. Smooth flowing lines around and on top of the mat seem to be a function of relaxation...hmmm...

Neville and Jane both asked me to take it slow and try not to get back to my former level in one day. There was no possible way to do so and I took lots of breaks to rest knees, shoulders and to wipe the gallons of sweat pouring from my rotund head. Since Neville's classes are in the style of Takeda-sensei, there was a lot of "feel" rather than "pound". It was nice to get back into it that way. It was also encouraging to see other folks, who I have seen train for two straight nonstop hours in other classes, resting and giving themselves a break throughout the afternoon.

If there's one thing that I regret about this day is that I should have done it sooner. Then again, this might have been the right time to relearn a set of well-worn steps.

Posted by wjc