06.13.2002 (Thursday), 08:21 PM

And Now...The Other Shoe

I've been waiting for so long...de honto ni sore de ii yo...

I must have looked scared out of my mind. The nurse plunged the needle into my good arm and drew a vial of blood. I half expected to see powdered sugar come rushing out. Maybe it was because I pissed a half a Dixie cup of Snapple extra-sweet lemonade about 20 minutes earlier...

A follow-up to the whole kidney stone episode happened today. It went somewhat as I expected: "yep, it's a kidney stone...it's no big deal...you may get another one...thanks for coming... Oh, and could you pee into this cup? We want to see if things are normal..."

Well, things are not normal in the latest installment of "I Am Wm.'s Body: Potential Diabetic". Sheesh. I feel fine. No, I don't feel extra thirsty--I just naturally drink a bunch of water each day. No, my vision iisn't blurry--my eyes just suck and that's why I wear glasses. No, I don't eat a bag of sugar each day--but you'd think that I did by the amount of sugar in my blood. Fuck. I feel fine. But, the lab doesn't lie (yet), I have got a...ahem...condition.

My lifelong love affair with not going to the doctor because I feel fine is ending. I now have a bonafide "personal physician" and he's going to tell me to get my ass back on the mat and do aikido like my life depended on it; get my ass back on the treadmill like my life depended on it. Get my fucking priorities straight because you can't live the life you've been living. Oh, and did you know that if Mickey's hands on the Sugar-o-Meter point above 400 you're going to be dead right quick... (Mickey scored me a not-quite-fucked 236.)<

Me? I place blame on my Fucked Company™. Well, it not all their fault--I tend to get lazy and pathetic when stressed and frustrated and burned out but fuck it, I'm assigning most of the blame to them anyway. I knew I should have checked them out before--I simply didn't know that they had 82 "Happy Fun Slander Corner" comments. That's more than the previously Fucked Company had. And they certainly deserved more. Or not.

I need a new non-Fucked Company. That one should be coming soon as the process has started. And it won't stop until there's resolution. As far as the blood goes, that is currently at a manageable stage and I intend to keep it that way.

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