05.19.2002 (Sunday), 10:51 PM

Random Running for the Door

X-files is a tv show, with music by Mark Snow...

Crap. That describes this whole day (well, most of it at least). It's raining and my oft-malfunctioning sinuses are exacting their revenge in one of those low level headaches the just linger and linger and linger.

I finally found my ankh in sterling silver and a simple chain. I immediately wore it, like when i was a kid, wearing a new pair of shoes right out of the shop. Do I feel protected? Hmmm, don't really know just yet but I want to believe.

Speaking of that, the last ever X-Files just finished up just a little while ago. While it seemed to be lots of flash, the opening was pretty fucking exiting. I was on the edge of my seat for pretty much the whole show. Alex Krycek seemingly live was a bit much but then it was just Mulder communicating with the dead (big point at the end of the show...). It was a semi-clever trick to get nearly every one who died in the Trilogy one final airing. And even X came back--that was cool. The near-final scene where they're blowing the holy crap out of the 2000 year old Anazazi pueblos (ostensibly to kill Mulder and Scully) reminded me of the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas in Afghanistan. Can't wait for the movie. Oh, and all those stupid fucks on alt.tv.x-files who bitch and moan because it didn't go the way they wanted it to...

Posted by wjc