05.23.2002 (Thursday), 11:56 PM

Louisville Day 3 or Soft Winter Wheat

I now know what they mean by "the rolling Kentucky hills"...

We had a semi-free day and some time to go driving. Rather than track down all of the CD stores in Louisville, I chose the relaxed route and we trekked off to the Maker's Mark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky. Loretto is one of a handful of towns about 50 miles south of Louisville. The distillery is on the southern edge of town among some gorgeous rolling hills tinged in grasshopper green.

The tour of the Maker's Mark operation was pretty impressive. We got to see pretty much everything from the grain being loaded in, to the fermentation vats, barrel storage and bottling. It reminded me of the various champagne and winery operations and I suppose it's all about fermentation. We got to dip our fingers into one the fermentation vats to taste what would, in about 5-6 years, become bourbon. The taste was like warm, flat beer. That combined with the yeast smell in the room was very heady.

After leaving the distillery, we "got lost" looking at the countryside. Although I wouldn't consider anything here a vacation home, I could easily see myself getting away from (most) civilization here. Large plots of land with decently large and nice houses.

We also had the annual club banquet tonight. Rubber chicken and way overcooked round of meat were the (ahem) delicacy. Well, at least Albert won an award. That was cool.

Tomorrow is the flight home which I'm sure will be a hoot. And now it's time to pack.

Posted by wjc