05.21.2002 (Tuesday), 11:53 PM

Louisville Day 1 or How Can You Hate Kentucky?

Chicken rings, anyone?

OK, jet lag never really affects me that much. Or so I thought. But the absolute drain on my psyche of being in a place where "Y'all" is common parlance, is almost worse than the most evil and foul-smelling jet lag breath. I'm tired, not willing to put up with much. I want strong coffee and no sugar. I know that it's going to make my mouth feel like crap-encrusted 150 grit sandpaper for the rest of the day but who needs taste buds when the local grub is mostly fast. As in food.

Well, it's not that bad I guess. Janet and two of her friends and I went to a chain place called Bob Evans for a late breakfast after the first round of obedience trials. From the outside, it might as well have been a Denny's but not too much because even I won't sink that low. The day I choose to eat at Denny's is the day I need a bullet to the head. Bob Evans is pretty decent actually and so is their sausage gravy and their biscuits. Thick, chunky and deep brown (the gravy), nut brown, crispy and soft-on-the-inside (the biscuits) made for hearty if not heart-clogging fare and it was tasty to boot. I could eat this maybe once or twice a month just to laugh at death. Or not.

Someone mentioned that there was a White Castle nearby and Janet confessed that she never had a "slider"; not even from the frozen boxes available in our local supermarket. Allright, a worthy victim...

I have always found the reaction to the mention of White Castle to be bi-polar: it was loved with a passion reserved for the rarest of food nirvana experiences or reviled as the most evil food item on the face of the earth and I'd-rather-set-myself-on-fire-instead-of-eating-there commentary. Frankly, I prefer to eat White Castle when I get the chance or every ten years, whichever comes first and guess what, the last time was in 1992 when I interviewed for a job in Cincinnati.

There was a very lengthy agility trial that both of my dogs were in, followed by a hospitality meet-n-greet and auction. I didn't want to have my dinner be cocktail meatballs of dubious origin and cream cheesed dinner rolls. After spending a bit of money for the cause (Boston Terrier rescue), we left for better dining. We set out to "see what we could find" and promptly found an interesting looking steakhouse, a Buca di Beppo and a few other acceptable places.

Somewhere along the way, a blue and white light glared out and I knew it was all over. We found the White Castle. Not one to pass up and opportunity, I suggested that we stop and Janet agreed. We ordered and ate and enjoyed. Janet was taken by the very soft buns but thought the meat was too thin. Ahem. I'm now set for another ten years. And my dinner did end up consisting of meat from a dubious origin with cheese and dinner roll buns only in a slightly different format. And that was ok.

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