05.24.2002 (Friday), 09:58 PM

Home at Last

I'm on the highway to hell...

I woke up at 3:30 this morning, East Coast time. I needed to get on the road by 5:30 to get to the airport. All this to catch a 7:40 am flight.

The whole morning was pretty uneventful: the 7:40 flight to St. Louis was 35 minutes late. The flight from St. Louis to San Jose was dead on time and only two-thirds full. We hit some really gnarly turbulence over the Rocky Mountains. The pilot actually told us a few minutes into the fight about this and then just before we hit it.

I had my iPod on and just happened to be listening to Highway To Hell by AC/DC. Very appropriate--this was some rough stuff perhaps the worst I have ever experienced. Fortunately, it was over after about 5 minutes.

I kind of drifted through the day until dinner with my friend Beth. It was nice to be home and in a familiar place but I was dusted. I just rewound the latest episode of The Sopranos about 10 times because I kept falling asleep. I can barely keep my eyes open for this--I have been up almost 24 hours.

Janet was driving home from Louisville with two of her friends. They were actually going to Cincinnati for a show in the morning. She didn't call tonight which kind of bums me but I'm too tired to worry right now.

Posted by wjc