05.25.2002 (Saturday), 12:00 AM

Catch Up

Extended spaghetti belly...

The phone rang at 6:30 am. It was Janet, trying to sound cheery. Right away, I knew what she had been through.

The show in Cincinnati was at 3:45 in the afternoon and there were about 98 dogs showing. I figured that it would end at 6 pm. Wrong. It ended at 9 pm and then Janet, Susan and Elizabeth had to get in the truck and drive all night. They made it to Kansas City at 8:30 this morning in time for breakfast. They took turns driving all the way.

Today was catch up day: do the yardwork, read the mail, get food. Pretty dull stuff.

Howard and I made plans for dinner at 7. I ended up introducing him to Freakazoid and forced him to watch an episode. Freakazoid is one of my all-time favorite cartoons and he laughed a bunch.

Janet rang in unexpectedly early with news that they had made it to Laramie, Wyoming. I didn't think they would make it until midnight. They truly hauled ass across the country in somewhat record time. There is the final dog show of this trip in the morning. Thankfully, it starts at 9 and there are only 11 dogs--mostly Susan's and Elizabeth's and, of course, Maggie and Albert.

Howard and I ended up at Joe's (Original Joe's for those of you who are now confused...) and if there's any weekend to go to your favorite crowded restaurant, it's Memorial Day weekend. We got a table right away. Food was good; conversation even better. Gotta do this every once in a while. We continued back home and launched into a great conversation about food (my favorite subject, natch) and cooking. Nice.

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