05.14.2002 (Tuesday), 09:49 PM


Shitfire, it's done...

Well, it's about fucking time. A new design, a new way, a new chance, blah, blah, blah...I am rather proud of how Brutal looks now. It took a lot of getting off my ass to get this far but I'm not complaining.

Douglas (at work) told me some distressing news and he felt it necessary to buy me a pearl milk tea from @Live on University in Palo Alto to make me seeth just a bit less. That was nice and all but I think all the caffeine caused a huge anxiety attack on the way home. Well, it was the bad news that D. gave me that contributed but it took me about 45 minutes just to get some dinner onto a plate in between seether-stalking the hallway alone.

I settled with a Tivo'd episode of The Sopranos (more on how this show reminds me of my life growing up later...). There's nothing quite like this show to get me completely calmed down.

I have been spending several hours now post-Soprano fix-wise finishing the layout and design of Brutal which is what yr seeing here. This is very satisfying.

Posted by wjc