12.09.2001 (Sunday), 10:26 PM

Runner's Cramp

10K: 02:00:27 Half Marathon: 03:45:19 30K: 04:59:35 Gun Time: 06:35:08 Finish Time: 06:26:03...

Kabata-san wrote me last night to tell me what her entry number in the Honolulu Marathon was. Kaba has trained for this runner's holiest of all grails for a few months. She told me about her successes and doubts of training for such a grueling event.

I think the actual marathon started (for someone) at 5 am Hawaii time. I checked this morning if she had posted a time yet but the website and race officials were having some tracking problems and the website wasn't producing results. When I returned home late this afternoon, the problems had been worked out.

Kabata-san finished! She ran the race and made all of the checkpoints. It was her very first race and she did it! She achieved her goal.

I stared for the longest time at the results, drinking in what she had accomplished. I was so happy for her and proud to have a friend who can survive such a physically and mentally demanding task. I could only hope to achieve something as great.

Posted by wjc