11.03.2001 (Saturday), 09:31 PM

The Best Damn Fried Chicken...


So after the feasting last night, it was time to get busy. First stop, fried chicken.

I have never made real fried chicken. I have made over-baked fried chicken but I have never fried it. In shortening. Or in oil. Time to change that.

Enter stage left, buttermilk. Soaking raw chicken in buttermilk is the best thing you can do for it. Into the big brining bin goes the bird parts and the buttermilk.

Skip ahead to 9 hours later...were heating shortening. Crisco. Three sticks of it. Get it good an' hot (345° to be exact). Drop the chicken into some flour then drop it into some serious frying science. 12 minutes a side, 180° later and voilá, we're feasting again. And tomorrow, I'm eating the leftovers with impunity. If I can stand up.

Posted by wjc