11.02.2001 (Friday), 01:29 AM

Dusted At Danko's

I can't breathe...I can't see...carry me...

I took Janet out for her birthday tonight. Her real birthday is October 31 but she was born late in the evening on that day and her father decided that November 1st was easier to remember. So he had the nurses change the date. But since 11/01 was a Thursday (highly sub-optimal for going out), Friday had to suffice.

About three weeks ago, I called Restaurant Gary Danko. They said it was typically a three month wait. Now ordinarily, I wouldn't put too much stock into a wait like that. I'd rather go elsewhere. However, Gary Danko is an amazing chef. The first time we met him was when he was head chef at Chateau Souverain in Cali's wine country. The meal was incredible. We have been following him ever since but we only followed him and never ate at his various stints at Bay Area restaurants. He opened his own place about a year ago (maybe a bit longer...). So as the story goes...I call for a reservation knowing full well that we probably wouldn't be going this time around. Sure enough, I was put on a waiting list. Miraculously, I received a call back four days later. "Would you take a 9:30 reservation?". "In one hot moment", I replied.

We arrived early-ish and were seated about 9:15. I knew it was going to be a long evening and after an inadvertent long day at work (I had vowed to work only a half a day...), I was already pretty tired.

The food and wine perked me up and we feasted on five courses including a cheese course. Amazing. Yeah, it was pretty expensive but when it comes to food, I truly will spend almost anything for a mind-blowing, heart-melting, weak-in-the-knees food experience. It was all that and more. Totally worth the price of, er...admission.

Back in the car, it was sleepy-time nearly right away. We drank a pretty standard amount of wine and didn't have any for the last hour or so but that and being tired really strung me out. Driving on 101 through Redwood City was a new experience in self-control. I finally gave into Jan's insistence to let her take the wheel. She did and nearly missed the exit for 280, much to my consternation as I was barely hanging on to reality. From that point on, I was pretty wide-awake.

We did make it home tonight dusted but fully sated. I had to write this down now even though my eyes are starting to fall out. It's only the second of the second to last month of this year. Something has to be said. A story needs to be told. A bed needs to be filled. Like now.

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