11.06.2001 (Tuesday), 10:32 PM

Beat Rapidly Until Stiff...

Bleep, bleep...

Without divulging any trade secrets, we've been dealing with some older arcade games. There is this neat emulator called MAME. It emulates old arcade games by using their ROM images. In non-geek-speak, that means you can play games like Mario Bros., Xevious and Mr. Do. on your computer.

I generally don't play games. I like Quake because I get to blow shit up. I tend to love BSU (blow shit up) games as they are a great stress relief. When I was much younger, I played tons pinball and electronic arcade games. My friend Bob and I used to stand for hours playing Millipede until we had no quarter to give. I would then spend the rest of the evening closing my eyes and watching the phosphor burn of a thousand millipede segments winding their way around mushrooms. There were some serious design druggage involved in these games.

So with MAME, I can now spend lots of time and no quarters to relive parts of my adolescence. I bought a new joystick and finally hooked it up. I just spent the past three hours in intensive beast beating, rocket launching, critter pumping, starship shooting action. I was supposed to work on my other projects but fuck it, the release is good.

Posted by wjc