10.05.2001 (Friday), 09:31 PM

Wet Desert

9:30 tonight means happy collapse from exhaustion...

My flight to the desert yesterday was uneventful. The rest was fantastic.

My friends Shelley and Richard (see the Characters link to the left) spent the last two week in Las Vegas so I only had one day to see them before they returned to their home in England. They both do rock climbing and spent the better part of the two weeks going to places outside of Vegas like Red Rock and Valley of the Fire to do just that.

Since I don't have the gear, we had to settle for hiking. We went back to Red Rock to take a 2.5 mile hike over some moderately rocky terrain. We had a great time walking, talking, catching up, eating "crisps" (English word for potato chips) and generally relaxing. It was a great day.

It was also what I needed. I tend to get lost in the desert; I get lost in its stark beauty. I forget the things that cause me the most anxiety. Being with friends makes it even better.

I arrived home today at about 9:30 am. Jan and I hung around the house until finally deciding to ride The Big Show (see Characters again...) over to Pescadero on the California coast. We took some twisty roads to make it exciting. We ended up at Duarte's (say doo-arts) which is the best place to end up when you're going to Pescadero.

Duarte's is a tavern and restaurant and the only place in town. Their food is great: real hearty, down-home style food. The have plenty of fish and the make their own fresh fruit pies. You could probably guess that we gorged ourselves and then set out up Highway 1 to Half Moon Bay and then down the peninsula to home.

I'm very fortunate to have spent the last two days in the company of three of my best friends.

Posted by wjc