10.03.2001 (Wednesday), 10:42 PM

Cool Sheets

Dreaming i'm dreaming...

I dream of not getting tired when I think.

I dream of days which are 72 degrees in the sun.

I dream of being able to play all day.

I dream of working hard but not sweating.

I dream of riding my motorcycle for hours on end without getting tired.

I dream of training in aikido several times a day without getting tired.

I dream of my dogs always being there for me and that I will always be there for them.

I dream of seeing all of my friends in person once a month.

I dream of Japan and riding the trains that go past big rice paddies and ornate temples.

I dream of walking the crowded subway platform as if it were empty.

I dream of white tile walls and marble floors and the cool wind of approaching trains.

I dream of fog covered hills and mist on my windscreen.

I dream of driving fast enough to feeling like skating on ice.

I dream of walking down my hallway and voilá, I'm at work. Or not.

I dream of not working at all.

I dream of walking in the East Village.

I dream of walking around Yankee Stadium.

I dream of walking Melrose and Santa Monica and La Cieniga on a hot, smoggy LA. day.

I dream of Ipswich and the English east coast and lush green fields.

I dream of getting old.

I dream of getting up.

I dream of a better place.

I dream of a dream on cool sheets.

(to be continued)

Posted by wjc