09.17.2001 (Monday), 01:00 AM

An Open Letter to the Tottering King

Kings come in all shapes and sizes...I prefer the king of hearts...

Dear Mr. King:

What the heck is it about money that turns some adults into spoiled children? Is it the fact that they think they don't have to worry about getting their way because now they can buy their way instead? Or is it that the money and it's value that blinds them to seeing anything except what little tunnelvision allows them to see what is directly in front of them?

We were in some tough times even before last week's events. Now is not the time for arrogance. It's not the time to devalue people to the point of no return. It is not the time to continue to stoke an ultimately bankrupt ego. People around you are *not* buying the bullshit any more. If given the chance, some would (figuratively) cut you off at the knees and laugh as they watched you struggle for your dignity. You have been lying to yourself for so long now that everything you do is distorted but you are too lost in it to realize it.

Ah, but there's the rub, Mr. King: those around you *can* see it. Some have seen it for a long time now, others have just begun to see. It's like Melvin Belli in that "hail, hail, fire and snow" episode of Star Trek. When the veil of distortion was lifted to show who the "Friendly Angel" really was, the reality set in. Once the warts, boils and festering wounds were revealed, the followers stopped believing and the angel faded away into obscurity.

It's time to stop and assess your worth to those around you. Quite frankly, the oarsmen are ready to silence your drumbeats, pointless shouting and childlike tantrums, and throw you overboard. And just like the fading angel, your warts are beginning to show and it will only be a matter of time until you fade into obscurity too.



Posted by wjc