08.07.2001 (Tuesday), 09:13 PM

Work Damage Mood Swing

It's hot as hell again...

About the only thing you could say for the past couple of days is that at least I didn't have to eat a shit sandwich. However, I have had the market cornered on boss trouble which makes for some synapse damage in bouts of anger-drinking and overall surliness. So that's where I have been: drinking, driving, crashing and sleeping...not too much of a satisfying life but one nonetheless.

OK, now that that is out of the way, I can get down to business. What I need it a good, long soak in an ofuro. Hell, I just need about three weeks in Japan to soak, train aikido, walk and generally enjoy that feeling that, even though Tokyo is rushing all around you, you have your own special place to hang and contemplate the meaning of...hot water. There's a little public bath in West Shinjuku (Nishi-Shinjuku) which is right behind the overpriced-but-as-long-as-Microsoft-is-paying-for-it Century Hyatt. It's in this moderately huge park (for Tokyo, at least) which has a constant parade of homeless and not-so-homeless (i.e., drunk for the evening) sleep-ins. But the bath is the place to be. Lots of fresh, hot water to either dull or excite the senses depending on which way your mood flows. White guys like me emerge a bit pinker than usual but it's worth every minute and yen.

Speaking of good moods...Soma-san sent me a package this week that was filled with cool goodies from Japan. There was a theme to the box contents but I think I'll keep that under my hat for now. Let's just say that I can now stay cooler than I have even been able to stay cool before. Soma-san and his wife are the greatest and I miss them as much as I miss being in Japan every three months. Some day, hopefully soon, I'll be able to go there anytime I want.

Posted by wjc