08.01.2001 (Wednesday), 10:11 PM

The Milestone

It was a Morning Musume day and a Food Network night...

Everything about today was a milestone. I gave a little and got a whole lot back. It felt good to finally be free of the virtual shackles that some misguided idiots had put me in for the past week. As Jonna said earlier today, "it sucks to be me". No matter, it ended up energetic and borderline manic.

MTV is 20 years old today. Ordinarily, this would be the biggest non-news but there was something perversely nostalgic about it. Hard to believe that the station that incessantly played the horrible "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" video by The Police (sometimes 8-10 times a DAY!) would have morphed into most things good and absolutely everything bad about the music industry. Tomorrow, I'll go back to ignoring it.

The cable television company *finally* put The Food Network on their system. Now I can watch television about one of my favorite subjects. Even though I think Emeril is a clown, I still watched jaw agape and salivary glands on overdrive. Tequila shrimp with tomatoes, cilantro and, well, more tequila. It's inescapable that I am destined to cook for a living at some point as my love affair with food spans 3 decades. I gotta get a New Braunfels Bandera smoker before the month is over.

The watchword for the day and evening was "perspective". Howard has a great ability to put things in perspective and did so again tonight. At my most manic (depressed or not), I go through machinations which would make most people run quickly away. Howard just reminds me (whether he states it or implies it--verbally or not) that I should not be so hard on myself and that your circumstances are largely a function of your confidence. That's pretty neat perspective to have. I need to have more of that...

By the way, Janet and I got colors this past weekend. She decided that she needed a change and had her hair bleached and colored blonde. Damn. I went back to black with a halfhearted red tail. I still have big hair. Really. I think that there's no middle ground here: either it's as long as it can possibly be or it's shaved. Jan gets "that" frown when I mention the latter so I guess I'm in hippie mode for the time being.

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