08.30.2001 (Thursday), 11:23 PM

Nice Surprises

The kling klang of aluminum pieces being cut by snips along with a healthy dosage of "serious music" (hi Jeff!)...

I went to the sports medicine doctor today about my knee. Fearing the worst (the eternal pessimist in me), Dr. Wall summed it up very quickly, "It's not your knee".

Well, if it's not the damn knee why does it bother me so much? Easy answer: the tissue around the knee is inflamed because I have swelling in the bursa at the top of my shin. (Duh...says I) Oh yeah, hitting that part of my leg on a metal table leg *did* occur a few weeks ago...hmmm. Dr Wall then utters the magic (gulp) word: "drain".

OK, but my old doctor says "whatever you do, don't let anyone stick a needle into your knee to drain it." So I half-heartedly protest. "It's not your knee", is the reply. "It's on the top of your shin and I'm not going anywhere near the inside of your knee!"

He draws a pretty cool rendering of a knee and shows me exactly where he's going to drill...er, drain it. Every doctor's office exam room should have a whiteboard.

OK, this is going to sting a bit...local anesthetic. It stung and for a moment, it stung like a motherfucker and then nothing. "So when are you going to put the needle in, Dr. Wall?", I inquire. "The needle has been draining the bursa for about a minute now. Here, look", as he shows me the pinkish fluid in the huge ass syringe barrel. "I'm putting an anti-inflammatory in there now." I swear he could have hit my knee with a hammer and I wouldn't have felt a thing. I have GOT to get some of that local anesthetic.

So, I'm now walking out. I have a follow-up in two weeks, it's possible that I can return to the mat in about that time too, the sun is shining and the wind a nice foil to the heat. Life is good.

Posted by wjc