08.17.2001 (Friday), 11:18 PM

Go to the Head of the...uh, Meat Counter

Shellac rules...

I was promoted today. I was expecting to talk about the two people in my group who REALLY deserve to be promoted. They were and so was I. Christ, just what the world needs: a senior QA manager. Now I feel really useless. I'm not about to grow some pointy hair anytime soon though...

Les arrived today to moderate fanfare and we immediately set out to eat mass quantities. The victim: The Palace Korean BBQ. A meat counter to die for. An accompaniments bar to die for. An ice cream machine to...well, you get the picture.

We ate like men although I'm a bit worried about Les picking up the raw meat up with the same fork as is going into his mouth. I just hope the garlic does it's job.

The Beyond The Pale festival is one the agenda this weekend. Tonight was the second show with Oxbow, Zeni Geva, Neurosis and Shellac. We got there (The Great American Music Hall) a bit late and halfway into Oxbow's set. It was OK--I've known Eugene their singer for a number of years. He always manages to lose most of his clothing by the time the band's set is done. Tonight was no different. Zeni Geva, minus Kazuyuki who was sent back to Japan with visa problems, played improv for a while and then had two members of Neurosis fill in for Kazuyuki. Not bad for a day's practice. Neurosis was dreadful and Les and I ran for cover in one of the balconies.

Shellac (from Chicago) was very, very good. It was the first time I saw them. Unlike Big Black, Shellac guitarist Steve Albini's previous band, Shellac had dynamics and a real drummer and intricate parts. Shellac's drummer, Todd Trainer, pounds like a 300-lb, steroid behemoth except that he's rail thin and tiny. It was about 60 minutes of bliss.

Just two more days of music...I hope Jan decides to go tomorrow night. Looks like were hitting the record stores tomorrow along with some strong coffee.

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