08.19.2001 (Sunday), 01:20 AM

Chin Spinach

Les turned in, i'm tapping away but not for long...

Even though it's just past 1 am, I am beat. Les and I are both beat and we're chalking it up to old age. Plus it looks like my concern about the raw meat from Friday came true. There's something still growing in his bowels which gives a new meaning to the word "rumble".

We joined our friend Kevin for the wrestling pay-per-view show at the arena. It was a pretty good show overall. No details here--too tired...

One thing that we noticed about the guys in and around the band Neurosis is that a lot of them look like Captain Ahab. They've got a heapin' helpin' of what Les coined "chin spinach". Indeed it looks like a scraggly patch of beard that looks like spinach hanging down from the chin. Since the last night of the Beyond The Pale festival was beyond boring, we spent the night shouting "spinach" when we sighted one of these guys and incorporated the word into nearly every conversation and song lyric. Yeah, we're adults.

Like I said, this last night of the festival was dull, dull, dull. It's not even worth going into. We left early and listened to the new Isis CD on the way home. I'm off to bed.

Posted by wjc