08.02.2001 (Thursday), 11:12 PM

A Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

The drowning pool is screaming about the bodies on the floor but all is calm in the house of unruly dogs...

The night was absolutely beautiful for riding home on The Big Show. It looked close to a full moon and no clouds illuminated Freeway 280 perfectly. Usually when I ride at night, I pick up artifacts in my field of vision caused by trying to see the things I see during the day. Little swooshes and flashes that looks like objects but aren't there. I have learned not to swerve at them--learned that a long time ago. Tonight, there was nothing but clear road ahead. I felt like I could ride for another hour just soaking up the moonlight.

I must be the only motorcyclist on the road in California (or maybe the whole US) who plays Japanese pop music while riding. Ah and it's worse than that because I burned a bunch of custom mixed CDs so that the music is nonstop for 60+ minutes--no breaks, gaps, clicks--just a 60+ minute endless stream. It's funny to me that a fairly big and somewhat burly (level 3 bearish, I suppose...) guy would be all dressed up in his riding gear and listening to MAX or Kuraki Mai or even m-flo. Sure beats the stereotype of the Lynyrd Skynyrd-blarin', outlaw-frontin', bad-ass biker down for whatever's down the road. Heh. I can't wait for someone to say "hey dude, what the *fuck* is that music you're listening to???!!".

I went and munched tonight and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I didn't say much--nothing to say, I guess--but it was fun listening. Plus I learned some things about leather that I'll have to put into practice. I also learned that blue is for boys, pink is for girls and purple is for bi. Well, color me purple...

Posted by wjc