07.10.2001 (Tuesday), 10:33 PM

Zen Master of the Atmosphere

Just back from Yas (a Persian restaurant) not too full, Albert, Gypsy and Maggie are asleep at my feet, the woosh of the fan providing the soundtrack...

Looking askance across the hall, I saw Neville walking toward the door. I had not seen nor heard from him in over four months but it was like we had just talked the week before. Strange. We had lunch at In 'n Out then made a Costco run to which he quipped, "jeez, one more day and the Red Cross would have had to come to your house" as I stocked up on laundry detergent, hand soap and trash bags plus other useful junk and no useless junk...food.

Some people can just duck out and disappear from sight then reappear without batting an eye. That must be some sort of self-control. Either that or they're not aware of their surroundings. Or maybe too aware as they need to become Zen master of their atmosphere. Whatever, it's nice to catch up. I swear I worry way too much at times. Donna says that my expectations are set and that the surprise is out of the bag so the next time it happens, it'll be merely a waiting game.

Aikido remains the ever looming question. Should I stay or should I go? I'll decide in September. That's long enough to put off the thoughts for another time. My sensei (not officially) had an operation for an ulcer recently that I just found out about. And he was back on the mat soon after grimacing through the pain. Pretty scary as he'll be here at the end of August. He should really take it a bit easier.

Gypsy is not very happy right now as she has to wear a diaper/panty type of thing. Her heart is failing and maybe that's making her incontinent. She leaves little puddles (occasionally) on the kitchen floor which my bare feet always manage to find. She's perplexed by the panties to the point where she is hesitant to walk yet can rub herself up against the hallway wall with an amazing clatter which sounds and feels like a mild earthquake. She'll get used to it eventually...until then, I'm her panty slave--making sure that it's pulled up and protecting our precious linoleum. I hope she lives to see her 9th birthday.

The aftermath of the second speed run to the Sacramento area took it's toll Monday and most of today. I'm more tired than I should be; I need to get the website refreshed; I need to relax and read about Wicca. No, I'll opt for the early bed and a bit of strenuous activity in the morning.

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