07.15.2001 (Sunday), 10:35 PM

"You're Looking Very Severe Today"

Trying to put my eyes back into my head after falling asleep just after dinner...I hate when that happenes sometimes...I missed all of Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ usually which takes care of my J-pop fix for the day...sigh

Talk about a mixed bag. I decided that since I had a whole day to work on website stuff that I'd waste half of it doing other things. Sometimes that kind of procrastination just happens by default with me.

I went to the dojo today for the first time in about a month. I actually went to pay my July dues but ended up watching some of Cyndy's class. Cyndy is a 5th Dan instructor at my dojo and is an interesting person. Some people don't like her style of teaching but I think that comes with the territory. While her students were training, she came up to me and said she missed me and that I was "looking very severe today". I must confess that my black shoes, socks, jeans and long sleeve t-shirt may have had something to do with it but that's the way I dress everyday. She had some kind words which really made me feel good and encouraged me to come back to aikido when I was ready. That was really cool.

I'm not too sure what happened to the rest of the day as it turned into one long blur. I saw Alan, a friend from my WebTV days, and we chatted for a while. I like Alan a real lot as he has some pretty diverse interests. He told me that he made some real progress playing the fiddle which is great since I used to play the violin a long time ago. It was nice to run into him.

I got to use my real cool sushi knife that I bought in Japan 11 years ago at a very famous knife shop (I can't remember the name of it right now...) as we wanted something light and cool. It's great living near a full-blown Japanese grocery store which has a good selection of fresh fish.

I wasn't going to rail about this but...it BUGS me that Californians (and others) have taken a traditional meal and twisted into their own little "convenience". There are countless numbers of "trendy" sushi places serving bastardized versions of sushi just to please those who can barely stand to eat raw fish. You've got deep-fried tempura shrimp roll, smoked salmon and cream cheese roll, and a ton of other CRAP that yuppie scum gobble up with delight and think that they're having a "real experience". These are some of the same people that mix a dish full of soy sauce and a huge glob of wasabi into a viscous paste in which to dip, rice first, their pieces of sushi. Hell, a bunch of people that I know AND SHOULD KNOW BETTER do this. It's disgusting. In Japan, this type of behaviour would get you thrown OUT of a sushi place as it would offend even the most seasoned and thick-skinned sushi master. A guy at work says that his wife does it "for the rush". If you want that kind of experience then why buy some wasabi to snort at home and spare me your bad habit. Shit. Damn, you know...

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