07.05.2001 (Thursday), 10:30 PM

Witchcraft and the Lack of Heat

Fresh off the behemoth, listening to some random TV program in the living room, trying valiantly to balance writing and website technicals...

For some reason, the subject of witchcraft has been running through my head. I don't think anything in particular brought it on nor do I want to cast spells on anyone. After a bit of web searching, I discovered that Wicca is an actual religion (!) and has just as many rules and guideline as other religions. I don't consider myself very religious although my parents forced it on me through some duty to the baptism I went through as a baby.

I'm going to take some time tomorrow to look at some witchcraft books (I think) as I'm curious for a reason I can't exactly pinpoint. More on this later.

There was a great lack of heat today which was great for riding The Big Show. I was able to not have to invert my riding gear to dry it out which is pretty disgusting considering that I normally soak my gear in sweat on ultra-hot days. The price one pays for that riding-in-the-wind feeling. Tomorrow The Big Show gets its 600 mile checkup.

Jan is going away tomorrow to Oregon for a dog show and so I'll drive her up to Sacramento so that she won't have to drive home on Sunday night. Tom's party is Saturday and that means plenty of cook-bonding. I need to sharpen my knives.

By the way, this is the first official journal entry for Brutal.

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