07.22.2001 (Sunday), 09:39 PM

Vegetarian Day

Hitomi sings "kimi ni kiss" from the stereo in the living room...I have this craving for more pesto on a hunk of french bread...quick, get this stuff done!

I just had to drop a quick bit of science about potato soup and basil walnut pesto. First, don't forget to remove the bay leaf before running the potatoes and stock through the food mill or you'll end up emulating a twig eater. Next, use lots of basil and walnuts and just a little olive oil if you would like to spread it on everything without having it be too runny. White wine and apricots are a nice match and a good base for apricot beurre blanc and remember butter is your friend unless you're still on-heat.

Nothing except cooking satisfying food was accomplished today. Not a total loss, I'd say.

Posted by wjc