07.21.2001 (Saturday), 10:38 PM

Stoked...and, er...Gyoza

My stomach is so full of dumplings that al I can hear is my heart working overtime to keep blood going to my stomach...well, that and m-flo's the reaplacement percussionists...

I got so off on the Go-Go's/Morning Musume tangent that I forgot all about the total stoke of receiving three zip files full of photos from different places in Japan. Kabata-san, my new found partner in crime, er... photos, started taking photos of the different places within and around Tokyo for my upcoming Japan section of turbine.com. She used the national holiday on Friday and all of Saturday to run around (for me) to places like Hiroo, Ebisu, and Roppongi and snap shots of places I used to hang out and go to and eat at while in Japan. The photos are beautiful and once I get going with the design, the site will be special. Kaba...you're the best!

Bobby, Annie, Janet and I finally had our dumpling-fest. We convened at the appointed time (7 pm) and proceeded to eat all manner of food from cream-cheese brownies to gouda to cherry tomatoes. Oh, and dumplings. We handmade about 150 pieces using Annie's and Janet's respective homemade filings. I learned how to fold dumplings so that they make that cool little crescent shape and stand up tall in a pan. Annie also taught me how to make a cosmopolitan...now I'm a maniac with a drink shaker. Consequently, I drank a lot of vodka tonight... The dumplings were boiled and fried, dumplings and gyoza/potstickers, respectively. Dipping sauces were concocted (although my peanut sauce sucked--sort of) and about 75 of the dumplings were consumed. Let's see that's about 20 each.

We all repaired to their beautiful leather sofa to watch Taboo, a Japanese movie about an effeminate looking but deadly samurai sword wielder. It was interesting but I'll have to see it again as the food in my stomach called in that sleep guy for some intensive nod session.

There's something therapeutic with making food like this. It's even better when you're doing it with friends. On this night, I couldn't think of any one better to work with than Bobby and Annie.

Posted by wjc