07.06.2001 (Friday), 11:31 PM

Sacramento is Pretty Freakin' Hot

270 miles later, the house is hot and it's time for bed...

Ok. I didn't really enjoy the 4 1/2 hour speed run to Sacramento. We hit traffic and it was hot to boot. Carol's house is actually a way into Sacramento so there was the usual timewarp of city speed limit vs. destination. We were late, Jan needed money, I needed to return to pick up The Big Show. In a word, it sucked. And there was this idiot with Ohio plates who thought that I was trying to race him or something. Christ, people are so fucking stupid sometimes. Coming back was not too bad except for the heat. I blasted some generic rock station through the valley which was pretty entertaining.

The Big Show passed its 600 mile checkup with flying colors and Eli told me to "ride it like it was stolen" when I asked him how much longer I had to take it easy. So the ride home was fun. I went to the parents house because my nephew was there for the night. Daniel LOVES vehicles and so I thought his eyes would pop out at the bike. He was in a strange mood and didn't want to be anywhere near it. Funny thing with that kid--he seems to be pretty well-mannered but shows signs of severe overprotection which makes him act weird. I have tried to keep my mouth shut about it to my sister but it's getting pretty obvious. Ah well, he'll sit on it the next time Roxanne brings him over.

As I was standing there, one of the daughters of our next-next door neighbour came over. I haven't seen Mary Lou for many years so we chatted briefly. She has been married for nearly as long as I have which is kind of cool. She brought up the fact that we used to play hide-and-seek as kids around our houses and we had a bit of a laugh. I was pretty embarrassed though as I was totally in love with her back then and tried just about anything to get close to her. We were just in our early teens then and so it meant nothing but thinking about it today, it seemed pretty silly and borderline, well...wrong. I chuckled it off and left soon after that. She probably picked up my discomfort so we just talked about other stuff.

Tom's party is a mere 12 hours away and I don't even know what we're prepping and cooking. I'm sure it will be good--it usually is. Gotta wash my new chef whites which I bought this morning in a hectic run to a uniform shop a few miles away. They actually had my size in Chef Works coats (XXL) plus I bought a new short apron. They're really nice and not too expensive. I have to do the Gerber knives before I go to bed as well. Knife sharpening as meditation? I'd rather be sleeping.

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